We started daydreaming admiring and learning
the traditional buildings of Puglia

After having spent several years sailing the seas surrounding our Puglia, we decided to try to venture inland and discover the values of our other history: the countryside. We were immediately captivated by the wonderful places, the incredible colors and the many facets.


Our House

Villa Puspo is a property located in the heart of the Carovigno countryside surrounded by Farms and endless olive groves.

In particular, the Farms (Masserie), in the area, attracted our attention and so we decided to build inspired by that style and the way in which they are built. It was love and passion at first sight and for this reason we want to share, today, this little jewel nestled among the olive trees with you, in the hope of making you live a dream, just like it happened to us! Our main goal has been to maintain the originality and authenticity of the place as much as possible without sacrificing the comforts of today.


The restoring

The restoring of the main house (so called: Casodda or Lamia), to which has been put beside a new construction inspired by the farms and in which are placed the bedrooms, the kitchen and the services, took more than three years of work and consisted, not only in the making the Lamia habitable and very comfortable, but also in finding local workers skilled in the processing of tuff to create the new one, according to methods, customs and characteristics typical of the place.  Realizing the dream took a lot difficulties and a lot of effort; at the beginning there was an idea, well designed and well defined in all details but then, during construction, the continuous confrontation with workers, full of experience of those realities, and the personality of the enchanted place we had chosen, brought out a reality so integrated as if it had always been there.


Our spaces

Villa Puspo is located on a piece of land, of about one hectare, on the top of a hill, cultivated with olives, almond and fruit trees; the rest of the vegetation is made up of bushes and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

The main structure consists of a kitchen, living room with barrel vault, a large fireplace in front of which to spend quiet autumn evenings, 1 double bedroom with attached bathroom (with shower), 1 single and 1 double bedroom with bunk bed and 1 bathroom with shower. A dependance consisting of a large living room with kitchenette and sofa bed, bathroom (with shower) and overlooking the pool. An alcove (the Lamia) with a bed made of tuff and a bathroom with shower.

To frame everything there are the green, and lush, foliage of the olive trees of the valley that surround a splendid swimming pool with classic shapes and a lively blue color, around which you can comfortably stretch out and relax living Puglia in its authenticity, in absolute peace and relaxation.

Among the equipped outdoor spaces, moreover, there are the courtyard in front of the Lamia and a huge veranda with pergola, a real corner of peace, attached to the main structure and equipped with table, kitchenette, stone barbeque and wood-burning oven.


What to do

For sea lovers, the closest beaches are those of Carovigno (Torre Santa Sabina, Specchiolla, Torre Guaceto, etc)
about 15 min or Brindisi for splendid sailing or fishing cruises
(about 20 min).



So called as the “white city” due to the color of the whitewashed houses, it stands on three hills at a height of 218 meters. Ostuni has become a renowned tourist destination, managing to enhance its cultural, historical and architectural heritage. The old city offers many picturesque aspects due to the exceptional conservation of the constructive characteristics of the place and of the urban peculiarities. Churches and stately homes follow one another, in the old city, surrounded by the Aragonese walls. In addition, the beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters awarded 23 times with the Blue Flag attract tourists from all over the world.



With an ancient history and rich of elements that re-build the past, it stands on a hill three miles from the sea and immersed in the plain of centuries-old olive trees, vines and almond trees, low hills that slide towards the sea flying the Blue Flag. It introduces itself to visitors with its beautiful architecture characterized by watchtowers, visually communicating with each other, to defend the territory from the conquerors of all time. The traditions culminate with the art of flag-wavers, whose skills renowned throughout Puglia attract thousands of visitors in the week after Easter for the “beating of the nzegna “.